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Digiofit offers services around product management, business and high technology. Timo’s competence originates from wide range of high technology product/business management roles and startup environment. Timo has visionary business thinking and understanding of high technology.

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Playbook of Product Management

Playbook of Product Management is a structure that helps understand and develop versatile product management function. It helps to take the strategy into action, develop product-market fit and clarify the role of Product Management. More in blog post.


Product Management maturity assessment

Maturity assessment helps to recognize functional product management areas, assess their maturity and define areas that need development. More in blog post.

Process and Management practices

How to get teams motivated to work for a common goal? Two decades of best practice hands on development in an international high technology product management and entrepreneurial startup environments. More in blog post.

Product Vision

How to define product/solution market opportunity and how to derive product/solution vision from the company level strategy. Tools and best practices for defining product vision. More in blog post.


How to derive product-market fit by systematically translating customer understanding into a prioritized roadmap/features that serve company and product strategies. More in blog post.

Industry 4.0

Experience in designing several digital industrial use-cases and architectures. Starting from understanding of the case specific needs and translating them into relevant design including connectivity, architecture, platforms, (edge)computing needs, security etc. Visualized architectures in different levels help to connect use-case with the technology.

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Timo Siponen

Timo is professional in Product Management, Business and technology. Timo has experience in creating high level strategies and translating them into concrete action. He is strategic thinker and has led high performing teams with excellent individuals throughout his career. 

Wide range of international high technology product management roles give wide practical experience on strategy, business and execution with international perspective. Entrepreneurial and startup experience has provided insight into lean, startup way of working and medical device development.



If you need help in the above mentioned areas, please get in touch. I am open for different kind of collaboration models.

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