Playbook of Product Management

Playbook of Product Management was developed from a need to give easy to understand structure to a versatile product management function. It was created by combining almost two decades of product management and startup experience and product management theory. It helps to take the strategy into action, develop product-market fit and clarify the role of Product Management. It also makes the work of product management more efficient.

Problems in product management could be missing strategy alignment, fire-fighting way of working, inadequate customer understanding and un-structured work. This easily leads to an inefficient use of development effort. Possible key challenges are summarized below.

Possible challenges of Product Management

Playbook of product management gives tools to manage product management complexity. This is done by first assessing product management maturity in order to gain understanding of the current status and identify areas of development. Work then continues by focusing on areas that need most attention. These could be improved product vision, improved roadmapping and priorization practices, or improved ways of working and management practices.

With systematic, measured and iterative product management development work becomes more strategy and customer driven, structured and effective. Below is a description of the benefits of the gained improvements.

Bluebook of Product Management value promise

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Timo Siponen