Product Management maturity assessment

Work in Product Management domain can easily busy and it may be difficult to assess what would be the areas that would need to be developed. Product Management maturity assessment was developed to help understand the product management duties and to assess the maturity of the different areas. Assessment helps to understand the status of different areas and to identify areas that would need to be further developed. Below is few examples of the questions that are used to assess the maturity.

Sample questions from Product Management maturity assessment

Maturity Assessment is split into Leadership, organization, people, tools and processes – categories. Each question can classified to be in Reactive/Lead/Excellent -level. As part of the assessment, both the current- and target levels can be defined. Target level is often very specific to the organization in question and it is often not even reasonable (=best use of effort) to aim for the highest possible level.

End result of the assessment is that different Product Management duties are identified and maturity assessed. It also provides way to measure the maturity status and to identify critical development areas.

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Timo Siponen