Roadmap tells “why” you are doing something creating a concrete plan how strategy is put in action. Roadmap is typically a visual plan, often put in a timeline. Roadmap has different use cases and it might make sense to define a structures process and roles how roadmap is regularly updated, Below summarizes the main aspects of the roadmap.

Roadmap highlights

Roadmap describes a future vision of the product. It is also used as a tool to plan product development. Roadmap also helps to communicate anticipated product future to customers and helps to facilitate customer understanding through feedback collection. Roadmap may also act as a commitment towards customers.

Roadmapping process is a good way to define priorities between competing items. It forces to think and list the different concrete options where effort could be spent. Roadmapping is often a collaborative effort where discussion is needed to collect information and viewpoints from different stakeholders. There should be a structured way to record and consolidate this discussion, since that acts as the basis when items are then prioritized.

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Timo Siponen